Autonomous Action Radio – a multimedia radio show The AnarchyShow, a website, a suggestion, an action plan.

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Autonomous Action Radio. Because it’s up to us now.

More and more people are waking up to the fact that the current system isn’t working.

Voting for a different political party no matter how ‘progressive’ or ‘liberal’ isn’t going to make a huge long lasting difference.

It is highly unlikely that voting alone will bring an end to capitalism.

But even an end to capitalism will not bring about the change that is needed.

Radical change what is needed. Radical change will take radical action.

Autonomous Action. Because it works.

This website will present action people are taking to prevent the dominate culture from destroying life on this planet.

As well as presenting new interviews and articles we will also be collating an archive of 4zzz Radical Radio over the last decade or so.

The AnarchyShow is broadcast on Brisbane independent radio 4ZZZ every Monday from 12-1pm.

The AnarchyShow is currently hosted by Linda Rose . Also involved in the show are Kim Dawson, Peter, Anna Kissed, Murray and others.

This website is maintained by Linda Rose.




Peace in Mind – a 10 part series exploring the field of Peace Psychology. Available online.

AustcareWinner 2002 Austcare Refugee Media Awards (with Jessie Morwood) – Best Radio Feature – Female Genital Mutilation

12 thoughts on “Welcome

  1. hi there 🙂 anyone know of any groups or meets in Brisbane to just meet up with like minded people or to learn more about anarchism and its applications? or anmy likeminded groups or meets?

      1. Community Radio 3CR run Anarchist World This Week on Wednesdays at 1000-1100. If you want more details you can email me, Douglas Turnbull, turnbull.d@inbox.com or my facebook page.

  2. Hi there im from philippines and i was (A) I would like to greet my comrades out there Mujuebres libres viva la revolution*lets toast for this site*

  3. Hello and solidarity from Eugene, Oregon (USA). I’m a loyal listener of your show. I listen via the A-infos Radio Project. I enjoyed the latest episode and it’s focus on anarcho-syndicalism. My wife Kate and I perform “working-class folk” in a duo called Monday Morning Denial, and we have a new EP out titled, “Scoundrels That We Are.” You can download it for free at: http://mondaymorningdenial.bandcamp.com/releases. The title track is about an 1883 trial of 60 anarchists in Lyon, France, including Peter Kropotkin. We thought you might be interested in checking it out since you play a lot of anarchist music on your show. Thanks for all the work you do. Looking forward to the next episode!

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